Vietnam with topography along the coastline with 332,000km2 area and has two large deltas, the Red delta in the North and Mekong delta in the South. Vietnam is estimated to be one of five developing countries the will be the worst affected by climate change. The impact of extreme climate events primarily affect those people living in the lowland areas-estimated around 72% of the nation’s population recognized from that risk (UNDP, 2007).

The RCCC was founded lately on 2009 base on achievements of previous projects conducted at the Nong Lam university since 1980s.

- From 1986-1995: focused on Farming systems Sustainable use of local renewable natural resources.

- From 1995-2005: targeted on Community-based natural resources management; social forestry.

- From 2005 - now: With Adaptation to environmental changes.

The newly RCCC established aims to carry-out studies of climate change adaptation and mitigation. To take full advantages of human resources from researchers and lectures in different disciplinary in agronomy, rural development, environmental sciences, Social sciences, Aquaculture, Economics, forestry, and other fields inner our university 


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